Autism “awareness” month, my reflections…

Well now that April is over i’d like to share some of my thoughts as to why i think the concept of awareness is wrong. the “awareness” campaigns would like you to believe that autism is a tragedy of epic catastrophic proportions but I don’t see it that way. I know a few other autistic people in real life and they are nothing like what gets portrayed in the media, they’re not violent and they just want to be at peace with who they are without all the fear and stigma attached. What i’ve come to realize just by being around them is that we’re all very different but similar at the same time in some respects. The media’s usage of warfare language and fear rhetoric is dehumanizing and objectifies our existence. I”ve also realized that no matter what way one can say it (e,g person with autism or autistic person) is that by using either of these terms nowadays puts the person last in all respects. Finally these “awareness” campaigns are really for other people and don’t really get any real awareness across in any real way.


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