Emotionally needy and abusive relationships

This is not the post i was hoping to start out on tonight but the last couple of weeks have been revelatory on how people treat other people they call thier friends. I really wish someone had told me as a kid that i would have people in my life that would try to control their friendship with me by saying horrible out of character things (such as the need to be with me all day almost EVERY day) as a means of control and manipulation. I am sick of emotionally needy people trying to control me. I also just need an extended break from peoples’ emotional states and all that stuff. i’m not sure what it is about me that attracts these people in droves but i wish i could get positive thinking people in my life without all the drama. I now think i’m just a one of a kind autistic because of the fact that almost all the other autistics i’ve met have been emotionally and mentally immature for their age(this is NOT a putdown or being slanderous it’s just an observation). The wierd thing about this particular friend is that i can’t be ANYWHERE other than where he is at for less than 5 minutes before he starts coping an attitude. If i talk with other people who are nearby but not sitting in the same place he gets irate and goes on a verbal tirade about how i supposedly don’t “care for him anymore”(those where his words). so recently i just decided that it would be best for me just to take a break from talking with him and just to do my own thing (even though it may make his attitude towards me worse in the short term) Oh and i can forget about getting closer to any of his friends than to him because that will make him even more clingy and i won’t hear the end of it. i know this post seems like kind of a rant but i feel i need to get this info out there just in case anyone has dealt with this kind of person and what to do about it. More positive topics are to follow but this is all i could come up with at this time(anymore it seems like i have to be actively thinking about something in my life that will trigger me to write something but i guess it’s a part of my disability (sorry for that old tired cliche but it is true in this case). well now that’s off my chest and i can get to post more positive informative subjects in the future.


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