On the majority’s ignorance and their concept of Autism and other disabilities as a “prison”

I’ve come to the unfortunate realization that people who are ignorant about autism and other disabilities seem to think they know all about our conditions and what it’s like to live with them. It never ceases to amaze me how these same people who think we have no empathy and don’t “know the contents of our own minds” never actually went outside their comfort zone and bridged the gap by asking one of us because they think autism means lack of intelligence. We are not “trapped inside our own world” we are stuck in this one and to be quite frank, it sucks because these “normal” people always twist our words around to conform to what they know and it’s usually a stereotype. Autistic people like me have been trying for years to tell various people we know, albeit without mentioning our diagnosis, that nothing they hear about autism is actually based on facts and real information. It is all fearmongering by autism “advocacy” organizations and their affiliates. The “information” on autism is also flawed due to the fact that there is almost always a negative slant to everything that is said about us. this negativity also applies to almost every other disability under the sun. That’s the reason that a lot of us have blogs up on the internet because of the media’s irresponsible use of stereotype and slander. In that i mean that they make it impossible to get our messages out in official channels without being talked down to because of “functioning level”. All “functioning levels” are for is to make the clinician’s job easier to diagnose people, they have almost no basis on actual abilities and they fluctuate sometimes day by day (and if only the people who say i’m too “high functioning” to be autistic, saw me when i was much younger, they would change their minds in a hurry! LOL). The whole “prison” concept as a whole is why i am blogging because TWENTY PLUS years of being silenced and shut out of conversations about my disability gets old after about the first decade, and if autism is a prison, it’s one of other people’s minds not OURS.


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