On People Who Where Diagnosed Later in Life But Their Diagnosis is Recent

Well, the idea for this post came about several years ago when i was looking for more info on prognosis of autism in adults. i didn’t find much in the way of positive outcomes (or any outcomes for that matter) and finally it’s making it’s way to a word processor and my blog naturally. I want to say that i’ve been surfing the internet and all i’ve come across is the persistent trope of “if only i knew i was autistic earlier it would have made a difference” well, here’s my big fat truth bomb of NO IT WOULDN’T! because therapy wasn’t anywhere near adequate for someone who was a child much less an adult in those days. All we had growing up in the 90’s was Applied Behavioral Analysis ( which should stand for Abusive Bastardizing Alterations, but more on that later) and Behavior Modification. Both of these “therapies” just forcibly tells us that everything we do think or say is automatically wrong and we can do nothing right. Compared to what they have today it’s like the frickin’ stone age and i feel kike those of us born before 1993 got cheated out of a LOT as a result of being who we where and nobody had a clue. It feels like we where the first to get officially recognized and to have these “therapies” beta tested on us to see the results. Well let me tell you that growing up i kind of felt like a guinea pig. but in all seriousness, people who are diagnosed with autism today have a much better chance of actually getting services tailored to the individual’s needs. Growing up alone and with no one who understands what you go through and having to go it alone with no support would NOT be a good thing. These people should just be thankful they got missed until fairly recently. Having said that, i’m sure that it would have given them peace of mind but the fact of the matter is that research has come a LONG way since i was diagnosed and there is an actual community online that is supportive. One final note also is that the stigma of autism is getting a lot better than it used to be and society is starting to actually see us as fellow human beings but it took WAY to long to get to this point.