Stereotyping and people’s assumptions part one of (unfortunately) many

Lately people have really shown their true colors without even realizing it. I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to social prejudices against my neurology but this will attempt to be a start. I guess i should start by saying that in reality i don’t hate people i just hate their assumptions of what neurodivergents like me are supposed to be like and it doesn’t get better just because we have the internet and 24 hour news channels. In fact i feel that disinformation and bias circulate faster now than when i was a kid because now we have faster internet speeds. At work this can lead to all sorts of interpersonal problems between myself and other employees. i’ll give an example, Thursday I was just sitting by myself, minding my own business with a few co workers across from me, and i hear one of them talking and complaining saying that the person across from them “must have ADHD or Autism and that’s why he’s “crazy”, now keep in mind that i heard this and i’m not even two feet away from this guy and i and the person across from me BOTH have those diagnoses he mentioned and that REALLY gets on my nerves! i mean, where the heck did he get his info and is that really how badly society is misinformed? If that’s the case then i will definitely be posting more often because that sort of ignorance is why i don’t disclose my disabilities to hardly anyone! if that’s what certain organizations have brought the level of “awareness” up to then i definitely have my work cut out for me. Aaaaaaannnnnd to top it all off later the same day i overhear another conversation between two other {management} employees that basically said i have no ability to think!!!!!!!! ALL i was trying to do was my job and having to witness people’s arrogance and ignorance let’s me know that discrimination and SEVERE ableism is a thing, folks. UGH rant over