Passions and Interests

Sometimes constricting my inner experience of life into words is exceedingly painfully difficult, so much that i’m running up against language limitations of every sort, but i want now to talk about my passions in life as well as what i enjoy doing with my time. Getting into all the problems disabled people face sometimes gets me drowning in an overwhelming sea of negativity. I would like to go into some of the positive aspects (and yes i know it’s a contradiction of words, work with me here.) of being differently wired. Take for instance, reading; I love reading and i know that for many people in grade through high school reading seemd like an arduous chore, but for me it came naturally and i could read aloud and it helped with speech difficulties when i was younger. I find it interesting that people don’t spend more time reading and expanding their knowlege but instead focusing on gossip and other trivialities of people they know personally and people they’ve never met but I digress. another passion i have is for music and i listen to it almost constantly. Music is the one thing that lifts me up when life gets me down. it’s very hard to describe how listening to music effect my brain but it’s very powerful. Yet another one is (and yes i know this one is stereotyped a lot in autism literature) disassembling and fixing stuff. How things work and go together has always interested me and sometimes i’d end up breaking broken things more by trying to fix them that’s why i had to buy a new iPod because mine was broken and i didn’t know how fragile the innards were! But to make a long story short, I don’t think that stereotyping interests that autistic people have is very helpful for a few reasons: one being that it tends to condense our humanity and spirit down to a list of symptoms and deficits and that’s not really fair or accurate. Another being that it draws heavily on assumption and theory rather than actual objective facts. Well i hope that whoever reads this it wasn’t a waste of thier valuable time and i hope to spread some enlightenment to people about the ability of my people to get totally into a subject and get so absorbed into it that we won’t come out for days! but i hope this helps and i’m off to start another post on another topic soon!