On Disability and the 2nd amendment

Trigger warning: descriptions of violence and severe discrimination based on disability and ableism


this is not the post i originally had planned to blog after a considerable absence which i’ll get to later but i had a good start of a post on George Orwell’s book 1984 but as with all tech devices something went wrong and windows 8 ATE the file! ha ha. Now with that out of the way i want to talk about something that has been really bothering me for quite some time, that is disabled people and their right to own a gun. Life is already difficult for the disabled and then we’re having to pass a very detailed and thoroughly biased background check every time for firearm purchases just doesn’t make sense because being disabled is NOT a choice and i don’t think we need more legislation and red tape. with the proposed executive order this administration is going to create a heck of a lot of crime victims if they somehow have a questionnaire about DSM and physical diagnosis. As far as statistics go we are SEVEN time more likely to be assaulted than so called “normal” people and it’s usually for very minor trivial things such as sitting outside by ourselves. I have even heard of people who got robbed several times over the span of several months and they didn’t have adequate protection. Recent events have led me to realize that “normal” people are absoutely terrified of disabled people owning firearms because of what they see in the news, i hate the assumption that every time something bad happens and people get hurt or even killed the news blames “mentally unstable” and/or “autistic” people when all that’s going off of a VERY big assumption with no fact checking or cross referencing whatsoever! People with no history of mental illness or developmental disability do violent things all the time with guns and no one bats an eye which says alot about how the public’s perception is biased and s much as i hate to say it it’s a fact that if the government decides to disarm the disabled, people could possibly die and have very little or no justice done to the attacker for his or her wrongdoing and the media ALWAYS blames disabled people for “bringing it on themselves” this is why i am a member of the NRA and plan on being one until the day i die because i want to prolong the rights and lives of the disabled and NOT abandon them just because some politician SCUMBAG decides to play on the plublic’s blatent ignorance of the problems disabled people face because of the arrogant ignorant ABLEIST way society “thinks’ about us(not to mention that it’s a slap in the face to every soldier who has served this nation throughout it’s 243 year history) Also, the press going after people who recieve Social Security “benefits” are going after the same people who fought and where injured in war or while in law enforcement. These people fought to protect “normal” people’s freedom from tyranny and now they want to demonize them just because they became disabled?! this also applies to developmentally disabled people who have done nothing wrong except be born differently to the majority and got labled with whatever the heck these “doctors” put in the latest version of the DSM (which should stand for Depressingly Systemic Malignence) which gives them an excuse to exclude from being considered HUMAN! which is absolutely rediculous on the face of it! I wholeheartedly think that the media needs regulation on what they can say about the disabled when it comes to acts of sensless violence because blaming a whole category of people for the actions of a few is extremely disrespectful to them and doesn’t solve anything. Disability “awareness” only adds to this, people’s fear and prejudice and contributes to marginalization of disabled people and makes it harder for us to assert our human rights In closing i really don’t think society should be as prejudiced against disabled people’s right to self defense and the constitution of the United States applies to ALL citizens not just certain ones who are “normal”. This is the ONLY thing that seperates us from all other society’s the world over.


One thought on “On Disability and the 2nd amendment

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    Judy (An Autism Observer)


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